Truth is a choice. Truth is also the objective, immutable, unwavering reality of what has actually occurred. Still, seeking the truth is not something that someone has to accept and live their lives according to.

Natural Law is a set of those truths which one can seek to discover and modify their behavior to be in alignment with – or not. It is not a requirement of our current existence to live in accordance with the Laws of Nature. If we do not, however, then we will find ourselves faced with the possible extinguishment of the human species. Read More …

07/18/2017 Monthly Meeting for Truth, Freedom, Prosperity – SLC. Discussion and Planning Event

For the meetup on Tuesday 07/18 the main topics that will be discussed:

Discuss the Permaculture Action Day on July 27th and the Evening Meditation and Speaking Event July 27th.
Freedom Cells – Continue building the Salt Lake Freedom Hive freedom cell and help others to start building their freedom cell.
“Permagora” (Permaculture and Agorisim)
Decentralizing Your Life. Tools and tactics for decentralizing control of your life down to the only person who should control your life, yourself. Read More …